I am pleased to share with you Zenith Public School. Situated in the heart of the township of jogbani, the school offers students an environment to learn beyond textual facts and an experience to last a lifetime.

A school is indeed the foundation of an individual’s life. It is the sacred area where a child’s emotional and intellectual quotient is drawn. Students practice and play, learn and live and build the foundations of their life. We at Zenith Public school are committed to giving each one of our students an education and a learning experience of a lifetime. Here we go beyond the boundaries of books and trek the unseen. we inspire and enthuse, encouraging young minds to think, question and imagine. In the friendly atmosphere and comfort of our classrooms, we strive to make learning a joyous experience and a process that every child looks forward to.

With Best Wishes!

Khurshid Alam


  • It is proposed to be upgraded up to 10+2 level in all streams under the central board of secondary education new Delhi.

  • To provide an eye touching school building in a lush green lavish environment away from the hectic crowd.

  • To establish centrally hostels for boys and girls with all modern facilities. Read More


In collaboration with our community and parents, the mission of zenith public school society is to provide all students with an outstanding education that motivates them to reach their full potential and enables them to discover their interest and tales pursue their goals and dreams and succeed in school in the workforce and engaged citizens. Read More